Itv0030 2009 esimese praksi tehnilised nõuded

Allikas: Lambda

The goal of the lab 1 is to:

  • Attempt/practice good UI design
  • Practice using css and javascript.

Main requirements

You will have to create mock-up pages of the full application described in the general course page. No server apps, databases etc will be used or created in the first lab. However, the mock-up pages must be a proper UI, with forms, fields, functioning javascript checks, buttons etc.

Your page must work ok and look clean and nice on both Firefox and IE7 (or IE6).

The exact order, contents, etc etc of the application/web page is not specified. You will have to apply a good deal of creativity to come up with a good solution. Copying solutions by other students is prohibited.

Use basic html plus css and javascript

All the design must be done using very basic html. Titles, paragraphs, lists, anchors, images are allowed. Non-nested tables are allowed, if really helpful. Nested tables are strictly prohibited. All bold, italic, color, dimension, etc specifications in html are prohibited: you must use css instead. See the course page for a large catalogue of articles, tutorials and tips.

Search/enter forms must be fully dynamic in the sense that no submits are done until all the necessary information on search/enter forms are filled/selected. This includes dynamic selections, opening/closing tree branches, obligatory field checks etc.

Dynamic, floating help must be attached to all forms and non-elementary links. For example: Note that this help should not disturb the user experience: it should not annoy.

Menus have to be created using lists with css/javascript (see

It is strongly recommended to use either the prototype or jquery javascript library.


Use stylistic hints (your page must look clean and modern, with some touches of style!) from: