Cyber security 2010 second year

Allikas: Lambda

This is the old 2010 information for archival purposes only

Additional Elective Courses

You can take the following courses in Tartu and get these accepted as part of your curricula in the module of elective courses:

MJJV.10.033 Insurance of Property Risks (5 ECTS)

MJRI.10.035 Economic Environment (6 ECTS)

MTAT.03.206 Practical Training in Information Technology (12 ECTS)

MJJV.03.158 Organizational Behaviour (6 ECTS)

MTAT.03.245 Social Informatics (3 ECTS)

MTAT.03.248 Introduction to Internet Psychology (6 ECTS)


16:00-17:30 - lecture ITX8042 - Malware, room IT-140. Lecturer Toomas Lepik (

17:45-19:15 - practice ITX8042 - Malware, room IT-213B. Lecturer Toomas Lepik (



NB! The lecture room for Tuesday has been changed: instead of the previously planned IT-137A the lectures will take place in VI-224

16.00 first time on Sept 7 Cyberdefence seminar (time and place may change later), room VI-224. Seminar coordinator is Ahto Buldas (buldas(at)


  • 1st half of the semester (weeks 1-8) ITX8062 - Information Systems Mass Attacks and Defence, room VI-224. Course coordinator Rain Ottis (rain.ottis(at), several lecturers.
  • 2nd half of the semester (weeks 9-16) ITX8063 - Information Systems Hacking Attacks and Defence, rooms IT-137A and IT-213B. Course coordinator Kaur Kasak (kaur.kasak(at), several lecturers.


NB! ITX8080 Simulation of Attacks and Defense courses will start in 30 September and will have additional lecture and practice times to compensate for the first weeks. No lectures/practical work will take place during 2-23 September.

The lecturer is Antti Andreimann (, several other people (Aivo Jürgenson etc) will be participating with their specific competences.

The currently planned timetable for the course (small changes might occur):

12:00-13:30 - lecture ITX8080 - Simulation of Attacks and Defense, room IT-137A


8:00-11:00 starting from October 8, 2010 lecture/lab ITX8070 - Log Mining and Disk Forensics, room IT-213B. Lecturer Risto Vaarandi.

14:00-17:30 - practice ITX8080 - Simulation of Attacks and Defense, room ??IT-213B??